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Lake Forest Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Should Fight Efforts to Force Closure

March 22, 2011

The City of Lake Forest is suing two more medical marijuana dispensaries as part of its ongoing campaign against pot shops in the city, the Orange County Register reported.

Medical marijuana defense lawyers in Santa Ana and Lake Forest understand the challenges legitimate dispensaries face in delivery medicine to patients as municipality after municipality continues to infringe upon the rights of dispensaries, collectives and patients.
Los Angeles is fighting hundreds of shops after enacting an ill-conceived and disastrous ordinance that is almost certainly doomed to fail despite millions of tax dollars being spent to defend it. Meanwhile, the city voted to tax medical marijuana sales. The dubious nature of a decision to tax medicine aside, dispensaries are by law required to operate as nonprofits. And nonprofits by their very definition are tax exempt.

Lake Forest dispensaries with shutdown notices
should immediately consult and experienced attorney. It is the dispensaries that have fought for their rights that have the best chance of surviving attacks by local government.

The city attorney said the lawsuits should serve as notice to owners and landlords that marijuana stores violate the city's zoning code. Efforts by local ordinances to criminalize noncompliance have thus far been rejected by the courts, leaving cities no choice by to pursue a civil claim against medical marijuana dispensaries.

Several shops have closed in the face of the city's demands to do so. But five have filed an appeal with the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana. That ruling is pending.

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