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Cell phone Apps Reveal Location of Drunk Driving Checkpoints in Santa Ana

April 25, 2011

Democrat senators are trying to stop cell phone apps from giving drivers the location of DUI checkpoints. Applications, such as "PhantomAlert", are available on various cell phones, including the iPhone, the Android and the Blackberry. Government officials are not happy as law enforcement continues to emphasize making DUI arrests in Orange County and elsewhere in the United States.
Our Santa Ana DUI lawyers urge you to contact an experienced attorney immediately if you're facing DUI charges as a result of a drunk driving checkpoint stop. Such traffic stops are strictly regulated. Consequently, more grounds exist upon which to challenge charges stemming from a checkpoint stop.

Four senators wrote the cell phone providers letters asking that they remove and discontinue the applications that reveal the locations of DUI checkpoints, according to The New York Times. Their letter included their belief that the application will just detour drunk drivers, "putting innocent families and children at risk,."

"These applications are nothing more than a how-to guide in avoiding law enforcement and they provide drunk drivers with the tools they need to go undetected," argued Senator Schumer of New York.

"PhantomAlert", one of the most popular of the of the checkpoint apps, possesses approximately 500,000 locations in its database. The database is added to every time a driver sends in real-time alert. Based on GPS data, the next smart phone that is running the app receives a warning. The application, that alerts drivers of speed traps as well, costs a mere $9.99 a month.

"With a person dying every 50 minutes in a drunk-driving crash, this technology should not be promoted to your customers," the letter continued. "In fact, it shouldn't even be available."

The companies argue that they're actually helping out drivers and other motorists; that knowing law enforcement is conducting sobriety checkpoints can discourage a driver from getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

After all, law enforcement has long claimed the sobriety checkpoints act as a deterrent.

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