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Being Convicted of a Crime in Santa Ana can have Long-Term Consequences

May 6, 2011

A recent article in The New York Times highlights the struggle of those looking to seal or expunge a criminal record in Santa Ana. Drug charges, theft crimes and other misdemeanor and felony offenses can make it difficult or impossible to obtain certain jobs or hold certain occupational licenses.

Some charges can't be expunged. And even traffic violations, like DUI, can make it difficult to obtain certain jobs. Santa Ana criminal defense lawyers understand the long-term ramifications of having a criminal record and we encourage you to fight criminal charges. The short-term cost of the fight often pales in comparison to the long-term cost of a serious criminal conviction.
The Times tells the story of a 38-year-old woman who has trained in medical administration and completed a degree in psychology at the University of California, Berkley in the 14 years since she was convicted of robbing a video store in 1997. Still, that old conviction has cost her more than a dozen job opportunities since graduating from college last year.

And the Internet is making it cheaper and easier than ever before for an employer to conduct a criminal background check; almost 90 percent of employers in a recent survey said they conducted criminal background checks on some or all applicants.

The problem is not going away; some 65 million Americans (about 1 in 5) have a criminal record, according to a recent report by the National Employment Law Project. And each year about 700,000 are released from state and federal prisons.

Advocates say it's a form of discrimination. But employers are under no obligation to abide by the same rules that protect women, minorities and the disabled. Being a convicted criminal is not a protect class in today's workforce.

If you are facing charges of fraud or embezzlement in Santa Ana, contact the Law Offices of Vincent J. LaBarbera Jr. to discuss your rights. Through three decades of experienced, Attorney LaBarbera has argued over 200 criminal trials and appeals. Call (714) 541-9668 for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights.