Santa Ana Gang Killing Requires Aggressive Defense

May 23, 2011

The recent arrest of a 21-year-old parolee on charges that he allegedly killed two rival gang members shows the need for an Orange County Murder Defense Attorney who will provide aggressive defense to our system's most serious crime.

The Orange County Register reports that the young man was charged with being involved in a shootout between two rival gangs outside a Mexican restaurant. According to police, two groups got into an argument inside the restaurant that followed them outside, which led to shootings. Police wouldn't tell the newspaper why they believe the young man was involved.
In shooting cases, it can be difficult for police to properly identify who was involved, especially when there is a large group of participants. In cases like that, the best defense is not to say anything. Even if law enforcement claim to have many willing witnesses, they are allowed to lie to suspects being interrogated. They may have no evidence at all. It's part of their job to get suspects to crack and confess.

And even in situations where police have obtained statements from witnesses or even alleged co-defendants, they often are shaky witnesses for the prosecution. Eye witnesses to shootings likely don't get a good view of what's going on because they're usually hiding somewhere to avoid danger. And in cases where alleged gang members are involved, participants could be wearing similarly styled clothing, which can further complicate their testimony.

Alleged co-defendants can be even worse for the state. An experienced Santa Ana defense attorney will aggressively evaluate the terms of a plea agreement with an alleged co-defendant to show a jury the bias the witness has to say what they want to appease the terms of the agreement. Secondly, the credibility of these witnesses must be shredded during cross examination.

Murder in California is an extremely serious crime. It can be punished by decades in prison or, at worst, the death penalty. That's why the U.S. Constitution requires everyone get a fair trial. So, choose an attorney with decades of experience who will go the extra mile to defend your case.

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