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3 Arrested, 1 Killed In Shooting at Marijuana Shop in Brea

July 10, 2011

Three people were recently arrested after a robbery turned deadly at a Brea marijuana shop, The Los Angeles Times reports.

While California's medical marijuana law has been revolutionary in the way that states treat the drug, it has increased the number of burglaries and robberies at collectives and dispensaries. And as this story portrays, the desire to get marijuana, likely for purposes of re-selling, can lead to serious criminal charges.
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In the Brea case, a call came in to police about multiple gunshots heard at the Birchwood Village Apartments on East Birchwood Street. When officers arrived, a group of men were involved in a struggle and one man was down after suffering from gunshot wounds.

The 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. An 18-year-old and 19-year-old were arrested as well as a third person, whose name wasn't released. Police believe the teens, including the man killed, were attempting to rob two men from a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary who were at the apartment complex to make a delivery to a supposed buyer.

The group allegedly confronted a driver and an armed security guard from the marijuana dispensary. The guard killed the 20-year-old after he allegedly pulled a gun.

Under California Penal Code 187, murder is the unlawful killing of a person. And under California's Felony Murder Rule, a person who is killed in connection with a felony (in this case, armed robbery), can result in murder charges against an accomplice.

For instance, say two men go into a convenience store to rob the worker of money in the store and in the process, the store owner pulls out a gun and kills one of the two men. The surviving robber could face a murder charge. Charges could also be filed if two people attempt to break into a person's house and the homeowner has a heart attack and dies.

It is a powerful law that can lead to serious murder charges. In California, murder is punishable by decades in prison up to life or even the death penalty. Sometimes, these charges can be reduced or disproven with the help of a veteran defense lawyer. Sometimes, political pressure or pressure from the media or public can make police and prosecutors use additional resources and take a hard-line stance in plea negotiations.

But hiring an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer can be your best move. While every case is different, having an attorney with years of experience and dedication to your personalized case is the best way to fight these tough crimes.

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