Fourth of July DUI Arrests Must Be Defended in Orange County

July 1, 2011

More law enforcement officers will be out this Fourth of July looking for speeders and seat belt violators, but they will also be putting heavy emphasis on DUI arrests.

The Orange County Register reports that while traffic is expected to be up throughout Southern California this Fourth of July holiday weekend, so, too, will be law enforcement presence. Officers will be looking for drunk drivers or suspected drunk drivers all weekend long.
That's why if you are arrested and charged with drunk driving, call our Orange County DUI Defense Lawyers immediately. Be polite to the officer, but don't make any statements. DUI in Santa Ana and throughout California is a serious charge that can cost you your job, your freedom and your rights to drive.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 108 DUI arrests during the Fourth of July weekend in Orange County alone in 2010. There were 162 in Riverside County and 844 in Los Angeles County as well.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles reports that in 2007, there were 203,866 DUI arrests, most of which were misdemeanor DUI arrests. But there were also 6,264 felony DUI arrests that year.

California Vehicle Code 23152 defines drunk driving, which most people understand is driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol at or above the state's .08 limit for a person's blood-alcohol content.

But many people may not be aware of the penalties, even for a first-time offender who has one drink too many at a cookout this weekend:

  • Imprisonment in a county jail for at least 96 hours, with at least 48 straight hours, and up to 6 months
  • Driver's license suspension for six months
  • A fine of up to $1,000
  • Completion of a DUI school
  • Possible installation and costs associated with an ignition interlock device

But don't think that DUI charges can't be beat. An experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer will study your case and look at all of the officer's actions leading up to, during and after the arrest to see if procedures weren't followed.

We will challenge the results of a breathalyzer test because these devices are very unreliable. As the news media has reported in California and nationwide, prosecutors are having problems with the reliability of breathalyzers based on poor manufacturing as well as officers not properly calibrating them. These devices merely provide an estimation of a person's blood-alcohol level, not the actual reading.

Our lawyers will also look at whether field sobriety tests were properly conducted and whether the officer was trained in how to conduct them. Also, a defendant's physical limitations can be a factor in whether these tests are accurate.

If you are facing DUI charges in Orange County, contact the Law Offices of Vincent J. LaBarbera Jr. to discuss your options. Through three decades of experienced, Attorney LaBarbera has argued over 200 criminal trials and appeals. Call (714) 541-9668 for a confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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