Expect Orange County DUI Patrols Starting Around Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011
By The Law Offices of Vincent J. LaBarbera, Jr. on November 23, 2011 11:29 AM |

As the holidays approach, people may try their best to wind down and enjoy some quiet time with family members. For others, the hustle and bustle of the shopping season along with the craze of a large family gathering can be stressful.

Either way, police will be stepping up their patrols. For law enforcement, this is one of the busiest times of the years as they go out of their way to conduct roadside sobriety stops, stepped-up patrols that can lead to people being charged with DUI in Santa Ana.
Orange County DUI defense lawyers will bet that you will begin to see television and newspaper advertisements that warn people of the dangers of DUI. And we have all seen or heard of incidents stemming from drunken driving crashes.

In fact, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety, police in Orange County made 743 DUI arrests and worked five fatal accidents last year between December 17 and January 2.

But what isn't said in those statistics is how many of those arrests turned into convictions. Not every person who is arrested for a crime is convicted and many times it was poor police work or overzealous police officers who make arrests without enough evidence to support the charges.

An aggressive defense lawyer can help this holiday season.

One reminder that police do make mistakes comes out of Santa Barbara. In a recent case there, a newspaper reporter was charged with DUI, yet later had the charges dropped.

In that case, according to the Santa Barbara Independent, the journalist was pulled over after an officer reported that he spent three to five seconds stopped at a green light. The officer swung around next to him and shone his light inside the vehicle. The driver looked up at him, looked back down and then continued.

The officer pulled him over and the man was charged with DUI after allegedly blowing a 0.09 during a breath test. But his lawyer was able to cite several out-of-state cases where judges dropped DUI charges after a person waited as long as 60 seconds at a green light and that was enough to convince this man's judge to drop his charge.

Muddying the case a bit more is that the journalist had written several in-depth newspaper articles about his arresting officer, including about her criminal history, her credit, marriage and her work with the police department. The article stated that the officer's "relationship" with the newspaperman didn't influence the case.

While there will no doubt be arrests made as we approach the holiday season, there are ways to beat these charges. The penalties can be severe and the personal repercussions can also be difficult, but aggressively fighting the charges can lead to less-serious charges and penalties or a clean slate altogether.

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